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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trail runner, it is essential that you can practice running and trail running in complete serenity. Trail running is a demanding sport that requires you to be equipped with men's or women's clothing, trail shoes and accessories to guarantee your safety. Trek-Expert offers you numerous trail brands on special offer all year long!

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What is trail running?

Also called nature running, trail running is a running sport that is practiced in a natural environment. This discipline is generally done on trails and various terrains: in the plains, in the forest or in the mountains. Trail running is a very complete sports activity that requires intense physical effort, but also specific equipment.

A very large choice of quality products dedicated to trail running

Trail running is a very demanding sport that requires the right equipment for a safe and efficient practice. To accompany you during your most intense races, we offer you a wide range of high quality products that meet your needs and requirements. Find our selection of trail shoes, textile, bags as well as various accessories such as gloves, neckbands, headbands to equip you at best and increase your pleasure during your expeditions. All the most famous brands in the world of outdoor sports and running are gathered at discounted prices: Columbia, Gore, Camelbak, Buff, Asics, Nike, adidas, Saucony... Whether you are an occasional trailer or an experienced athlete, you are sure to find the most technically suitable equipment in your specialized Trek-Expert online store.

Trail and Running: What are the differences?

As the name implies, trail running takes place off-road, unlike asphalt running. Trail runners usually run on constantly changing terrain and on technical trails. Trail running competitions take place on different types of terrain which can be: rocks, stones, mud, grass, snow.

How to prepare for a trail run to improve performance?

Trail running is both a physical and mental sport that requires good preparation. Not only do you need to be in good physical shape, but you also need to be mentally tough enough to adapt to all conditions. To maximize your efficiency during your trips, think about complementing your cardio workouts with weight training sessions. This will allow you to prepare yourself for the variations in pace and support when you are on technical terrain with more unevenness. The most difficult competitions, such as the vertical mile, require "intensive" training on similar inclines, i.e. an average slope of 15 degrees.

What type of equipment should I choose for trail running?


Essential equipment, trail shoes are designed to offer comfort, protection and performance to runners. These models have an outsole equipped with studs to adapt to all surfaces. For running on the plains or in the forest, choose a pair with optimal grip to gain stability. For mountain trails, opt for shoes dedicated to more technical trails that are more robust.


Concerning the trail bags, the choice must be made according to the distance to be covered, but also the equipment to be carried. For your short distance runs, a bag with a volume of less than 10 L will be more than enough. If you are a long distance or ultra trail runner, you should choose a bigger bag.


On Trek-Expert, we offer you a wide range of men's and women's clothing specially designed for training. Choose your equipment from the most famous brands like Gore, adidas or Asics. Whether for training or competition, we have everything you need: t-shirts, undershirts, shorts, pants, tights, jackets, sweatshirts, compression...


For efficient and comfortable trail sessions, think about completing your equipment with various accessories. They will be very useful to adapt you to all situations: intense heat, rain, low temperatures... That's why we put at your disposal different articles that will offer you an additional protection against the elements: headband, neckband, balaclava, neck warmer, glove, cap, visor, beanie...

Connected watches and electronic accessories

Trail running is a sport that can take place over several days in more or less extreme conditions. To practice your passion in the best conditions, you will certainly need to acquire safety trail equipment like a headlamp or a waterproof lamp. You can also find different models of connected GPS watches for running and activity bracelets.