All our hiking shoes for men and women

In order to make your hikes long and enjoyable, choosing the right shoes is essential. Depending on the weather conditions or the type of trail, the needs are not the same. Trek-Expert offers you a wide selection of technical trekking shoes.

For a well-equipped hike, discover our men's, women's and children's clothing, hiking bags and essential accessories!

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High quality hiking shoes adapted to each practice

Like any sport, hiking requires high performance equipment that will keep you comfortable and safe while you're out in the wild. Choosing footwear that is perfectly suited to the type of terrain and your level of experience is essential to enjoy your adventures in the great outdoors.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, there's a wide range of hiking boots to choose from to find the right pair for you. Technical hiking shoes, trekking shoes, mountain shoes, walking shoes, hiking sandals... Discover a very large choice of models for men and women designed by the most reliable brands in the world of outdoor sports. Our vast catalog will allow you to equip yourself with top quality products at irresistible prices throughout the year.

The specificity of hiking boots

As an essential part of your equipment, hiking boots must have technical characteristics that will guarantee efficient and safe practice according to the use and sensations you are looking for.


Hiking boots with a hard rubber sole offer more support and do not wear out quickly. For long hikes, choose models with a high upper if you want to enjoy excellent support and more protection.


The wider the sole, the more stability the shoe provides. For hiking on technical terrain, choose a rigid shoe that will support your lower leg and allow you to have perfect support.


To improve your comfort, look for shoes that provide good cushioning and that have the advantage of reducing the impact of your foot on the ground. Choose breathable models that will keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Low-top shoes

If you hike mainly on non-technical trails, low-top shoes are an interesting choice. They have the advantage of being light, which is perfect for walking on paths with little difference in altitude. These pairs are very comfortable to wear thanks to their soft soles that will ensure a good support to your feet.

Mid-top shoes

Need a light and versatile shoe? Mid-top shoes will be your best bet for a smooth ride on average terrain. Thanks to their firm and flexible soles, these models offer good ankle support and a good grip for safe hiking.

High-top shoes

For hikes on steep, uneven trails, it's best to opt for high-top shoes. High top shoes provide excellent ankle support. Depending on the type of terrain, you can choose between rigid and flexible soles for better grip, or sturdy soles to gain stability.

What type of hiking boots should I choose?

To get the most out of your hiking activities, you should choose your hiking boots according to the terrain you are hiking on and the type of hiking you are doing.

For a stroll

For a few hours of walking on easy terrain, choose light shoes that will offer you maximum comfort. Choose a model with soft and flexible soles that provide good cushioning. Depending on the climate, your choice will be either a breathable pair that ensures good ventilation, or a waterproof model that prevents water from penetrating the shoe.

For hiking in the forest

If you opt for a hike in the forest, we advise you to choose shoes that offer good support for your feet and ankles, which will allow you to be more efficient during your sessions. To enjoy your walk in complete safety, an excellent support and an optimal grip will be essential. Models with rubber outsoles grip well on different surfaces.

For hiking in the mountains

Are you used to exploring more technical trails? Grip and stability will be the most important features to choose for your hiking boots. Models with stiff, yet flexible soles will allow you to walk easily over rough terrain. If you're hiking on steep, unstable terrain, it's best to choose shoes with cleats that provide good traction.