Our selection of swim caps

High quality leisure, training and competition swim caps can be found on Trek-Expert at the best prices. Discover also our selection of swimsuits and goggles to perform at best in pools or open waters.

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Which swim cap to wear according to your level?

When choosing the material for a cap, we have analyzed the needs of each level and the elements necessary for their practice. For those who are new to swimming, it is advisable to choose caps that are easy to put on and that provide maximum comfort at all times. We recommend extremely soft and breathable mesh pieces.

Then, for advanced swimmers, it is important to choose a cap that is easy to put on, offering both a perfect fit on the head and easy to wear. Models generally made from siliconized mesh, providing excellent waterproofness.

And finally, for expert and competitive swimmers, it's more important than ever to look for styles that offer a great fit, ensuring maximum wearing comfort, performance and concentration. Moulded caps are ideal for this purpose as they provide perfect stability and hydrodynamics.

How to fit your swim cap?

First and foremost, it is important to note that it is necessary to wear a bathing cap to prevent the hair from coming into contact with chlorinated water, but also to maintain it well. It also benefits pool managers in that it prevents falling hair from damaging water filters. But here, the question is more about how to wear it well to fit on the head. For those with long hair, male or female, we recommend tying it tightly in a ponytail towards the back, preferably facing upwards so that it fits well into the cap and prevents it from coming loose. You can also wet them before putting on your hat or apply detangling balm to make it easier to put on or use other means like wetting the inside of the hat. When putting it on, make sure to place the tip at the forehead and then pull it down and back to cover the rest of the head. After that, it will be a matter of adjusting it so that nothing sticks out at the risk of creating discomfort. To do this, make sure it covers your scalp without going over your eyebrows and that no strands of hair are sticking out.

The different types of bathing caps

There are different types of swim caps depending on your practice, taste and budget.

Silicone cups

Very popular with athletes, these cups are very easy to put on and are very durable. More resistant to chlorine, these models are available on Trek-Expert with different designs and several colors to choose from.

Latex caps

Not very resistant to chlorine, these models are less easy to put on and maintain than silicone ones. However, they have the advantage of being inexpensive and are perfect for short-term needs.

Fabric cups

Very easy to wear, these models allow water to pass through and are therefore intended for simple leisure activities (aquagym, aquabike, etc.). Their ability not to snag hair makes them very comfortable, even when worn for long periods.

Molded caps

Dedicated to expert and competition swimmers, these types of cups have a shape and texture designed to provide better hydrodynamics. Less comfortable than the others, they have been designed to provide maximum performance.

Branded swim caps for men, women and children at the best prices

For all your training sessions and leisure practices, we offer several TYR or Head Swimming hats for adults and children at low prices. Take advantage of an 8% discount on Tremblay latex swim caps and a 15% discount on Tremblay silicone swim caps, available in four different colors. You'll also love the fabric models, available in senior and junior sizes. Other molded models, dedicated to competition like the adidas 3-Stripes Swim Cap and adidas Adizero XX Competition Swim Cap are also available in our online store.

Why wear a swim cap?

As we mentioned earlier, swim caps are, at first, very useful to prevent swimmers from being embarrassed by their hair, but they can also be used to protect their body.They are also useful to prevent malfunctions in pool equipment if a large amount of hair comes into contact with a filter or other device. However, wearing them is not only a matter ofhygiene. In fact, caps are also recommended to protect the hair against disinfectants in the pool water. In addition, several models, especially those intended for competition, provide better hydrodynamics for a comfortable and efficient swim.