Our selection of Alpine Ski Boots

Do you like to ski? So, take advantage of the vast collection of Alpine ski boots for men, women or children on Trek Expert, at a low price. Whatever your practice, your level or your playground, we necessarily have the model that suits you best.

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A wide selection of alpine ski boots at the best price

Your pair of ski boots is the key to the success of your day of skiing. It is certainly the item of your equipment that requires the most attention when purchasing. A guarantee of comfort, they insulate your feet from the cold or snow throughout your practice. They also play a technical role in transmitting the support from your feet to the ski. In short, it is only with good boots that you will be able to progress in alpine skiing. Trek Expert, your partner in outdoor equipment, offers you a wide selection of ski boots for men, women and children at the best quality /ratio price. Whatever your level: beginner, intermediate or expert, you will inevitably find the shoe to your feet to boost your performance.

Lange, the premium alpine ski boot brand

A pioneer in the design of ski boots, it was in 1948 that Bob Lange developed the first ski boot in reinforced plastic and polyester resin. Since that time, its products have not stopped developing with new technologies and innovation. Today, they are among the most used shoes, even by great international skiers. This is why we have chosen to source the latest collections from the Lange brand to offer you high products performance and ensure maximum comfort. Its ranges are aimed at all types of skiers and all kinds of practice so that everyone can find what they are looking for. For women, we recommend the Lange RX 90 shoes which incorporate Dual Core technology. They will give you great sensations on the track. And for men, the SX rtl easy models which are versatile, resistant and offering good support, will be perfect.

How to choose your ski boots?

The choice of an alpine ski boot is essential. An unsuitable pair can ruin your day in the mountains, and can cause pain in your feet, heel or legs. To find the right products for your needs, many factors must be taken into account:


The first element in choosing a ski boot is the size. In order to benefit from optimal comfort, you can add up to one size larger than your usual size. As a rule, your foot should not touch the end of the liner for support without compression. In skiing, the sizes are given in Mondopoint. It simply corresponds to the length of your feet in cm. Thus, a size in mondopoint 26 is therefore equivalent to a 26 cm long foot.

The width of the boot

In order to satisfy both skiers with wide feet and those with thin feet, the brands have developed different widths shell. It is specified at the level of the footwear volume in mm, which is called fit. Choosing a boot that is the same width as your foot gives you both comfort and ski control. To gain precision, choose a fit narrower.

The hull

The third selection criterion is the hull. There are different shell volumes determined by their stiffness called the flex index, between 60 and 150. The higher the flex, the more your shoe will be rigid and responsive. Conversely, the lower the flex, the more your shoe will be flexible and comfortable. A flexible pair is generally intended for novice skiers, while experts prefer a high flex to multiply their energy and responsiveness.

The Liner

Finding the right alpine ski boot also requires considering the liner. It is the element of comfort and insulation of the shoe. Most of the time, it is traditional foam. But to be more comfortable, opt for a liner thermoformable. This fits the shape of your foot very well during your skiing session for an optimal feeling of well-being. You have to take into account the density of the foam. A flexible foam offers comfort, while a dense foam offers you precision.

The buckles

The buckles are the closing system that will allow you to tighten your foot and adjust the fit of the shoe according to your practice. The number of loops varies from 2 to 5 hooks. They can be plastic or aluminum. They can also be simple, with adjustment micrometric adjustment macro-metric.

Now that you know how to choose your alpine ski boot, browse our wide selection and buy the model that appeals to you at a lower price !