Textiles for women at best price

Outdoor activities such as trail running require clothing that is adapted to the outdoor conditions. That's why we've selected the best running clothes from Nike, Asics, Gore, Under Armour and adidas. Jackets, shorts, jerseys and other women's clothing at special prices.

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Women's clothing for trail running

In order to excel in their field, trail runners have to be picky about their clothing. The outdoor conditions call for more specific clothing. We have compiled a wide selection of the best jerseys, T-shirts, underwear, jackets, sweatshirts, shorts and trousers from leading brands such as Asics, Nike, Gore and Under Armour to make trail runners happy.

Light, flexible and functional tops

Lightness is one of the keys to a successful run. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, it's more than obvious that you want to be comfortable when it comes to clothing. Our wide selection of women jerseys and T-shirts is available to you at competitive prices. Developed by trail experts, these tops are made of highly functional fabric to guarantee excellent moisture and body temperature management for maximum coolness at all times. Their great lightness and flexibility allow seamless mobility for optimal performance.

To anticipate bad weather, you can opt for more technical models such as the long-sleeved women jerseys with water and wind repellent treatment from Gore. Featuring WINDSTOPPER technology, these flexible and versatile jerseys are reliable partners for braving the elements.

Most of these garments feature reflective logos or coloured stripes, ensuring better visibility during night-time activities.

Lightweight and flexible shorts

With a slim or regular fit, they are made to offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement. With a minimalist design, combined with soft, very light and breathable fabric, they allow you to travel long distances without weighing you down.

Other 2-in-1 models, including shorts and bib shorts, are also available for extra coolness and performance.

Comfortable trousers for all seasons

You can choose between two types of trousers, with a slim or tapered fit.

Made from soft, breathable, soft-touch fabric, these pants are perfect for training in cooler weather. With excellent thermal insulation, they keep your lower body warm and dry throughout your efforts for maximum comfort. They have side pockets to keep accessories or electronic devices close at hand.

The tights are like a second skin, with a perfect fit and great mobility. With good thermal insulation and high moisture wicking capacity, they are ideal for activities in warm and cool weather. They are also available in styles for those who want to show off their legs or be cooler.

Technical underwear for performance

For intensive exercise or cooler weather, you can wear them underneath a garment as a first layer. Made from soft, highly functional fabric, they regulate body temperature perfectly for maximum comfort and performance. The seam layout, combined with the flexible fabric, ensures seamless mobility. They are available as tights, short and long sleeve shirts and bras.

Comfortable and protective running socks

High, medium or low, they are made of a choice textile design, offering excellent breathability and compression. They mould to the shape of your feet for natural movement and optimum support. Their ability to wick moisture away quickly ensures that you feel comfortable and cool at all times. They also have cushioned reinforcements in sensitive areas to prevent blisters and other friction-related injuries.

Perfect tops for cold weather workouts

For all your practices during the winter seasons, there is a wide range of warm clothing available: jackets and sweatshirts.

With a waterproof and windproof coating, our jackets not only provide an ideal temperature, but also protection against moisture and wind. Made of soft, lightweight material, they guarantee excellent mobility. They are also available in sleeveless models for greater mobility in the arms and can be worn over a T-shirt or technical underwear. The breathable fabric prevents perspiration and overheating.