Wide selection of bivouac equipment

Are you going fishing and are you looking for bivouac equipment? On Trek-Expert, we put at your disposal a large choice of tents, beds, chairs and bivouac equipment such as headlamps, stoves... Find at the best prices your favorite brands like Carp Spirit, Fox or Trakker with quality products.

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A wide selection of bivouac equipment at low prices

Fishing is an outdoor activity that takes time and therefore requires a lot of patience before the fish take the bait. Sometimes you have to camp for days or even weeks at the water's edge. To make your adventure even more enjoyable, Trek-expert offers a wide range of bivouac equipment to accompany you during your long fishing sessions. These includeshelters to protect you from the weather, comfortable sleeping accommodations for all seasons and chairs. We also offer a wide range of bivouac equipment and accessories to make your fishing sessions as enjoyable as possible: stoves, table, lamps, cooking utensils... Thanks to our low price policy, you can buy quality fishing equipment throughout the year and without breaking the bank.

What is bivouac?

Bivouacking is setting up a temporary and light camp in the middle of nature. It allows us to sleep as close to nature as possible in a wild environment in order to live a pleasant experience. It is most often practiced during outdoor leisure activities such as trekking or fishing. In order to spend beautiful nights outdoors, it is essential to be well prepared and to equip yourself with some essential materials. Our online store makes it easy for you by offering you all the bivouac equipment you will need for your fishing trips. To shelter you, we have a large choice of tent. To sleep, choose one of our sleeping bags or our inflatable mattresses. To cook, we offer you stoves, pans, cutlery...

What equipment for the bivouac?

It is essential to choose your bivouac equipment carefully in order to be prepared for all eventualities in the field. On Trek-expert, all products are selected from the best brands to ensure quality, functionality and durability. To help you in your preparation, here are the essential materials to camp in the right conditions.


The tent or bivvy is the shelter that protects you from bad weather. Its weight and dimensions are to be defined according to your needs. We offer models of all sizes, from 1 to 3 places. Easy to install, they are made of resistant and waterproof materials to protect you from the rain during your long fishing sessions. When choosing a tent, make sure you plan for a slightly larger one to store your bags and gear in.

Sleeping bag

After a long day on the water in the sun, you need a good night's sleep. The sleeping bag is your best ally for a good night's sleep. The comfort temperature should be chosen according to the weather requirements. Versatile, the 3 seasons sleeping bag is perfect for all seasons except winter or extreme conditions. It can therefore accompany you on your fishing trips in summer, spring and fall. The summer bag , on the other hand, is only ideal for your summer adventures.


You can choose between a self-inflating or inflatable mattress. Opt for a foam floor mat, which is less comfortable, but more resistant and puncture-proof. In our selection, you will also find several models of bed-chair easy to install and adjustable according to your needs. Our pillows are designed to optimize the quality of your sleep so that you are full of energy when you wake up. With our chairs that adapt to all types of floors, you can wait in comfort at the water's edge.


To prepare your meal, you need to bring along a stove on which you can heat a pot or a kettle. You can also choose between a gas, petrol or alcohol stove depending on your destination. For eating on shore, we offer various sets of dishes consisting of plates, cutlery, glasses and napkins.

Headlamps and multipurpose knives

For trekking or fishing, headlamps with 100 to 200 lumens are more than enough to light your way at night. More practical than flashlights, they allow you to have your hands free to perform other tasks. Timeless, compact and efficient, multi-purpose knives are also essential allies in bivouac.

Water filter or tablet

During your fishing sessions, don't forget the purification tablet. It allows you to filter the natural water coming from a stream before drinking. It prevents you from storing too much water at the start of your trip.

Browse our selection of bivouac equipment to go fishing safely and at low cost.