Backpack and hydration bag for trail running

The practice of an outdoor sport like Trail requires specific equipment without which the practitioner will not be able to perform! Waist Bag, backpack, hydration bag... Discover essential in terms of luggage to live your adventure with passion!

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Reliable and resistant equipment

Trail enthusiasts need equipment that meets standards in order to allow them to run in optimal conditions and improve their performance ! On our site, find everything you need in terms of luggage!  Fanny pack, backpack, hydration bag... articles of incomparable reliability and at low prices signed by prestigious brands!

Which hydration pack to choose?

Essential for carrying something to keep you hydrated, but also all that is nutrition and various objects, hydration bags are part of the essential equipment of the Trail! They are especially recommended for running long distances during which athletes must take a large amount of water with them! In general, a hydration pack includes a water bag and storage pockets ! But before choosing a model, you must consider the following criteria: the hydration system of the bag (hydration bladder, flexible flasks, hard bottles) and the accessories! Regarding the first criterion, it is advisable to give preference to flexible flasks, because these are easy to fill and do not cause discomfort when it comes time to drink! Regarding the second criterion, hydration bags are equipped with small functions that can be very useful, for example the presence of a pocket to slip in your smartphone or a small device for storing your running stick, etc. It's up to you to choose according to your needs! Do you need help in your choices? Hydration vest Ultra10 at Camelbak should do the trick! On the one easy operation,it is robust with lightweight materials and has a reservoir of 2 liters which provides more water each mouthful. The bespoke harness and two chest straps are adjusted for afit comfortable and stable. Compression of the load allows you to bend everything to minimize bulk. Convinced? Get this quality item at a promotional price !  

Which backpack to favor?

One of the important criteria to take into account when choosing a backpack running is the volume ! The latter will depend on the duration of autonomy between each refueling! For 1 hour to 2 hours of autonomy, choose a model up to 5 liters! For very isolated trips, a bag with a capacity of 12 liters is recommended! Aside from the bulk, make sure the product is equipped with mesh pockets to store all the useful items! Don't you have a specific idea? Opt for the Jester model designed by The North Face or the run commuter 15L by Nike ! If you are going for a hike or a simple excursion, these are also suitable!

You're in luck, these items are currently available at a bargain price !

Which fanny pack to take?

Practical and light, the fanny pack offers an excellent alternative to the backpack and can therefore help the runner to improve his performance ! Thanks to it, you have the possibility of taking with you the bare essentials or even more during your braces outdoors ! Wearing at the waist, the fanny pack has the advantage of not hampering the runner in his efforts whether he is moving on a trail or on steep terrain ! With a weight of only 310 g, the repack lr 4 from Camelbak is ideal! It is equipped with a ventilated waist belt with pockets and a tank 1.5 L.

Want more options? The Palos lr4 waist bag from the same brand may also suit you! So offer yourself these products at low prices!

Finally, the water bottle belt is also a good solution in terms of hydration, because it is very practical thanks to its pockets that can ideally contain cans!

Are you looking for bags that combine lightness, strength, resistance and practicality ? On our site, you can easily find models that combine all these characteristics! In addition, they present a quality / price ratio of the most interesting on the market!