Men's running shoes

Find a wide range of high quality running shoes developed by the biggest brands: Asics, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Saucony, Under Armour... Find the perfect pair to run in comfort thanks to our selection of the best running shoes.

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High-performance running shoes for efficient running

Discover our selection of running shoes for men and choose the pair best suited to your activity on Trek-Expert. Adidas Ultraboost, Asics Gel-Kayano, Asics Gel-Quantum, Saucony Triumph, Under Armour HOVR... All the most performing running shoes are available on our online store to satisfy your needs for comfort and quality.

The importance of choosing specific shoes for running

To practice running comfortably and safely, it is essential to choose equipment dedicated specifically for this activity. Choosing specific shoes for running will allow you to benefit from certain qualities such as support, cushioning, orgrip to run in optimal conditions.

The features you should choose for your running shoes


The cushioning of a running shoe is provided by the outsole and the midsole. For maximum comfort during your outings, choose models with EVA soles. In addition to perfectly fitting the shape of your feet, this technology offers excellent cushioning for better shock absorption.


Breathable running shoes are equipped with an upper that is usually made of mesh. This thin fabric has the advantage of providing good ventilation to your feet while allowing moisture to dry quickly. If you're running in hot, dry weather, look for breathable models to keep you comfortable.


The material of the outsole construction determines the grip of your running shoes. If you prefer to run on rough terrain, look for a model with a lugged outsole that grips well on most surfaces for optimal stability.


Running shoes are reinforced at the front and sides to keep your feet in the ideal position, and there's a heel counter at the back. For added stability, you can opt for shoes with additional side supports that provide protection and support.


The drop is simply the difference between the height of the heel and the front of your running shoe. Depending on how you run, you can choose between a low drop (less than 6 mm) or a standard drop (more than 7 mm).

Choose your running shoes according to the distance

To run a 10 km

For a 10 km run, you should choose running shoes that combine lightness, flexibility and dynamism . Choose a shoe with a flexible sole and a good fit in the toe box to be more comfortable during your runs. Choose from a range of shoes suitable for light competitions such as theAsics Gel-Kayano, the Asics Gel-Quantum...

For the half-marathon

For half-marathon races, the most important features of your running shoes are cushioning and support. Opt for a model like theAdidas Ultraboost, which offers excellent cushioning and energy return with every stride. Its mesh upper provides a lightweight fit and makes it flexible and breathable.

For marathons

To run very long distances in good conditions, you'll need a running shoe that offers cushioning, comfort and stability. A model like the Saucony Triumph will allow you to run for miles on end with better stability thanks to its reinforced heel for optimal support. Its thermobonded mesh upper ensures breathability and robustness.

Running shoes adapted to the terrain

For road running

If you run on asphalt, it's best to choose shoes with reinforced cushioning. Choose models with soft soles that anchor well to the ground for good comfort.

For trail running

Running on trails requires running shoes with good support that will allow you to enjoy better support. A good grip is also necessary to keep your feet perfectly stable during your runs.

For running on difficult terrain

To run on rough terrain, you'll need to choose shoes with a hard sole that offers good traction . To cope with the elements, consider models made of materials like GoreTex that are both breathable and waterproof.