Wide selection of trail accessories

To protect yourself from the cold and the sun while running in nature, take a look at our large selection of trail running accessories for adults and children. We've rounded up the best beanies, caps, headbands warmers,, neck and gloves. All offered at a low price !

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Find your trail running accessories at the best prices on Trek-Expert!

When doing trail running, it is important to be well equipped and to dress properly. But it is also essential to obtain accessories in order to protect all the parts of the body that require it. Trail Running is an outdoor running sport. outdoorpractice.As a result, you have to deal with all kinds of weather conditions: heat, cold, rain, snow, hail… It is often the extremities of the body that are extremely sensitive. This is why it is essential to protect: ears, skull, nose, neck, hands. Thus, it is necessary to wear trail gloves, neck and hat warmer in winter. And for summer, a cap and a headband are essential. Find our selection of trail accessories running to complete your equipment and be ready for your next expeditions, whether in hot or cold weather. We have collaborated with the most famous brands in the world of outdoor sports to meet your needs: Nike, Gore, Buff, Errea, Mizuno, Asics, and many more.

Protective equipment for trail in summer

Trek On-Expert, you can get accessories trail high quality and performance at unbeatable prices.For your sports sessions in the middle of summer, it is better to protect your head from solar radiation, because it can obviously be harmful. Indeed, if you expose yourself to it for too long periods or if its intensity is too powerful, you run a risk of sunburn, sunstroke and painful headaches. The sun can also obstruct your vision and make it difficult for you to move around if its rays land directly in your eyes. To protect yourself, you will certainly need trail caps as well as headbands and bandanas.

Trail caps and visors

The choice of accessories should be based on the weather. In summer, caps and visors are a must. They offer you UV protection effectively while ensuring great breathability. They also absorb some of the sweat on your forehead to protect your eyes. The visor of a cap also protects you from wind and dust, as well as rain during your trial sessions. Some models are equipped with a Saharan, such as the Bimini Buff zinc cap, to cover the back of the neck.

The trail running headbands

The headbands and bandanas trail are also acclaimed at the country races in the summer. Headbands allow you to hold your hair back during exercise to prevent it getting in your way. We offer a wide choice of anti-UVheadbands or absorbent for men and women. They are available in a variety of colors to suit your style. Bandanas cover all areas of your head to protect you from sunburn and UV rays. You can also soak them in water to cool you off.

Protective accessories for trail running in winter

To face the cold winter, trail hats and gloves are your best allies. By covering the most sensitive extremities of your body, you will never be cold. Put all the chances on your side to achieve the best performance by opting for the winter protection necessary on our online store. You'll find a wide selection of capstrail, choker trail and trail gloves,made by the best brands. And all this at the best prices !

Trail running hats

To face the winter cold, trail hats are your best companion. They cover the entire top of your head to prevent heat loss and insulate you from the cold. Our trail running caps are designed to make your outings more enjoyable. They are made from material lightweight and breathable such as fleece you do not overheat. They cover your forehead as well as your ears.

Neck warmers for trail running

The neck warmer is also an accessory to take for each of your running sessions in winter. Practical and versatile, it protects you from the cold and the wind. Our different models are chosen for their design in fabric soft, light and warm. It gives you maximum comfort and absorbs perspiration very well throughout your efforts.

The trail running gloves

Wearing gloves is essential in mid-season and winter to protect your hands from the cold. To stay efficient during your run while being in good conditions, we recommend a pair of warm gloves, but light and breathable. They will bring you pleasant comfort and will retain your body heat very well.