Our selection of Swimwear and Bikinis

Find a wide selection of swimwear for men, women and children at attractive prices. Whatever your practice, in the pool or in the sea, we have what you need to perform or relax in the water.

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All the trendy and quality swimsuits for swimming

The choice of a swimsuit is made according to several parameters. The color, the material, the level and the frequency of practice. For a real comfort, it is essential to choose according to your morphology and the adaptability to your uses. Our experts have put together a wide selection of outfits for all swimmers, women and men, children and adults.

How to choose a man's swimsuit?

If you swim occasionally, you can choose a swimsuit that can just provide comfort. To do this, take one that is made of soft touch textile, in which you can feel comfortable. Various Urban Classic swim shorts and boxer sh orts with offbeat looks are available to you at competitive prices. Making casual design their hallmark, they have designed these swim shorts with lightweight, soft and functional polyester. With a drawstring for optimum support, they have excellent moisture management and ventilation thanks to interior mesh for maximum comfort. Featuring a summery pattern with an Urban Classic patch on the side, these all-purpose swim shorts are a stylish way to complete your look at the beach or pool (although they're not always welcome there). The mid-thigh cut makes these swim shorts ideal for men of all shapes and generations.

If you exercise regularly for fitness or leisure, it's a matter of course to choose a model that makes you feel comfortable, but also has good chlorine resistance. Lycra ones are therefore not recommended.

If swimming is more than a hobby for you, you should choose a very comfortable and highly compressive swimsuit. We offer you our Joma swim trunks, which have a perfect fit thanks to a tight fit and a drawstring waist. The mixture of polyester and elastane, combined with flatlock seams, ensures great freedom of movement and prevents you from getting scratched. You can also choose a minimalist model like the swim brief, more hygienic than the shorts, made with a blend of polyamide and elastane, lined with a polyester fabric guaranteeing easy wearing and maximum performance.

How to choose a woman's swimsuit?

As with men's swimsuits, we offer a variety of styles for women's swim suits depending on how often you practice.

The bikini is the best-selling swimsuit for women. You can find your own two-piece in any style you like to make a statement at the pool or in the sea.

For regular swimmers, a soft fabric swimsuit with excellent chlorine resistance is recommended. They should also give you the benefit of flawless motor skills.

And finally, if you're a pro swimmer, look for lightweight suits with a high-performance hydrodynamic system that allows you to glide easily through the water or two-piece models with optimal support for enormous freedom of movement, maximum comfort and great concentration. Made of soft fabric, these women's swimsuits fit different body types perfectly.

How to choose your child's swimsuit?

You want to introduce your little one to your favorite sport? You've come to the right place. We have a wide range of swimwear for boys and girls .

For an adult as well as for a child, the three main criteria are comfort, practicality and aesthetics.

Models for boys

You can choose between Joma 's competition style orUrban Classic's casual style, depending on your child's desires and practices.

Models for girls

Easy to put on and take off, our girls' swimsuits are designed to ensure maximum comfort at all times. We've taken care to select attractive designs that little princesses will love, like the adidas Snow Queen 2 Swimsuit or theadidas colorblock 3S in blue and pink.

Adidas also offers outfits that are perfect for competitions. With more technical features related to movement and moisture management. They guarantee better performance in all kinds of lengths and swims: breaststroke, crawl, butterfly or backstroke.

How do I care for my swimsuit?

In addition to guaranteeing you maximum comfort and better performance, these swimsuits are very easy to care for.

After each swim, simply rinse them in clean water to remove any chemical residue that could damage them. It is recommended to wash them regularly in a soft way to prevent any enlargement and to dry them under a not too high temperature to avoid discoloration. They are also machine washable, but at a low frequency.