Textiles of hiking for women's

Are you passionate about hiking in the great outdoors? Discover a wide range of comfortable hiking and trekking clothes for women: Parkas and down jackets, Windcheaters and jackets, Sweatshirts and sweaters, T-shirts and tank tops, Pants and leggings and all the wardrobe for a perfect hike. We have selected the best in hiking clothing on trek-expert: adidas, The North Face, Columbia, Rock Experience...

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A large choice of women's clothing for hiking and trekking

Hiking is an outdoor activity that is accessible to everyone and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. If for beginners, simple sportswear can be enough, regular or demanding practice requires a high performance equipment. It is better to be well equipped to enjoy your outings, whether it is for a simple stroll, a short hike in the forest, or a walk in the mountains. Also, specific clothing for walking will allow you to face with confidence the vagaries of the weather during your adventures in natural environment.

To meet these needs, major equipment manufacturers have developed specific clothing, combining technicality and comfort, adapted to the requirements of hiking and trekking. Columbia,Adidas, The North Face, BV Sport, Asics, Gore... The trek-expert team has selected The trek-expert team has selected the best products of these famous brands to provide you with reliable and high quality hiking equipment. Find here all the hiking clothes for women you need to optimize your performance during your expeditions: Parkas and Down Jackets - Windbreakers and Jackets - Sweatshirts and Sweaters - T-shirts and Tank tops - Swimsuits - Bras - Pants and Leggings - Shorts - Socks and Sockettes - Shirts. Enjoy a wide selection of technical clothing at the best price, with regular promotional offers to save on your purchase of women's outdoor clothing.

How to choose your hiking or trekking clothes ?

The conditions

Heat, humidity, cold... Hikers and trekkers are subjected to different conditions related to climate and weather during their expeditions. This is why brands have developed different technologies to improve the comfort of hikers according to these needs. Columbia, for example, offers a range of hiking clothing with Omni-Shade technology that provides optimal protection against UV rays. The brand has also developed waterproof technologies likeOut Dry and Omni-Tech, designed to provide a level of waterproofing never before seen. This equipment keeps you dry inside and out in all circumstances: light showers, heavy rain. For better conditions during colder periods, the manufacturer has developed insulating technologies such as Thermarator or Omni-Heat. These outdoor garments are designed to offer warmth and optimal comfort thanks to their innovative design combining insulating textile and breathable inner lining. On our e-shop, you will of course find a complete range of hiking clothes designed by the outdoor specialist Columbia: jerseys, shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, down jackets... All your favorite big brands like Asics, adidas, The North Face are available at low prices at Trek-Expert.

The materials to choose

The material is an important parameter to take into account when selecting your women's hiking clothes. Cotton is not recommended for experienced hikers who need to stay cool and comfortable during their expeditions. This material is known to absorb and retain moisture. So, choose equipment made of technical materials such as polyester or polyamide that allow perspiration to evaporate during the effort. This synthetic material also has the advantage of drying quickly. To enjoy complete freedom of movement, opt for trekking clothing designed with components such as elastane, known for its elasticity.

What type of outdoor clothing should I choose?

T-shirt or hiking shirt?

For the top of your outfit, you can choose between a t-shirt, a jersey, or a hiking shirt. The hiking t-shirt or shirt has the advantage of being lightweight and ensuring rapid evacuation of sweat with its breathable fabric. Close-fitting models are also available for the more intensive hikers. Offering good compression for excellent muscle contraction, better blood circulation and increased breathability, these are recommended for trekking enthusiasts. As for the shirt, it can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved to offer extra warmth and protection in cooler weather.

Shorts or hiking pants?

Practical and comfortable, hiking shorts are your ideal companion for hiking when the weather is nice. During rainy weather, it is recommended to opt for hiking pants designed with a waterproof and breathable coating such as GoreTex for example. This technical clothing will offer you optimal protection against the elements to keep you dry and focused on achieving your goals.

Jacket, windbreaker or coat?

Offering warmth and comfort, jackets and windbreakers are essential for your outings in windy or cold weather. When the temperature is low, you should also consider a jacket or parka, preferably padded, which provides an insulating layer against the elements. Opt for models in resistant softshell to anticipate possible rainfall. With or without a hood, all these types of jackets have a soft fabric design so they don't impede your mobility and have pockets, zippered or not, all over to keep your essentials close at hand.