Textile trail for men at the best prices

Being an outdoor sport, trail running requires the right clothing to enjoy the adventure to the full. Jackets and windbreakers,  T-shirts, shorts and the essential trail clothing... access to complete and above all quality clothing.

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Great outfits for trail enthusiasts

You want to try trail running? You need specific clothing to be able to move with ease whatever the terrain and weather conditions! Socks and sockettes, jerseys and T-shirts, trousers and tights, sweatshirts, technical underwear, jackets and windbreakers...there's everything even for a beginner like you! Our models are designed by the biggest brands: adidas, Asics, BV Sport, Columbia, Gore, Nike and Under Armour !

What should I wear for trail running?

The ideal socks for running

It would be unwise to underestimate the importance of socks in trail running. You should therefore choose them wisely if you want to improve your performance on the trail. Made from elastane or spandex, these socks are stretchy and hold your feet firmly inside the shoes. In addition, the Cooldry fibre significantly reduces foot perspiration. Examples are the Nike Racing or the Asics Ultra Comfort Running Quarter!

What to wear for the bottom?

Are you planning to run in the summer? It is advisable to wear shorts because of the particularly high temperatures during this period. These shorts are made of light fabrics and are very comfortable. Apart from that, you should choose a model made of breathable material so that you can stay dry even if you sweat a lot. If you're not sure which one to choose, here are a few models to inspire you: the Speedpocket from Under Armour with its famous pockets, the SILVER SPLIT from Asics or the R5 from Gore. Take a look at our site and treat yourself to these items at unbeatable prices !

And since the risk of chafing is important in trail running, you need shorts to prevent possible chafing on your thighs! With anti-perspiration technology and flat seams, they give you real freedom of movement and absolute comfort ! The 7IN SPRINTER from Asics should do the trick!

Do you want to run in winter? You need to think about protecting yourself from the cold if you want to improve your performance! Therefore, opt for clothing such as trousers and tights! The former are made from insulating and breathable materials to keep you warm even when the temperature drops! You don't have a specific idea? Just choose from the following models: the Saturday from adidas, the Sigma from Asics or the basic from Nike. Men's trousers at a bargain price!

When it comes to tights, there is one important criterion you should consider: breathability. In addition, you should also look for elasticity to ensure your comfort. Finally, choose a model that fits your body perfectly and does not hinder your movements. Choose between the Agravic Trail Running from adidas, the R3 from Gore or the Silver from Asics. Treat yourself to quality men's tights at an unbeatable price!

What to wear for the top?

As trail running is an outdoor activity, it is essential to consider the following when choosing clothing: breathability, moisture regulation and freedom of movement. These are all characteristics of technical underwear! They will be of great use to you to be able to evolve efficiently on the field! If you're not sure, choose the long-sleeved model from Gore!

Is it very hot? That won't stop you from going running! In these conditions, it is recommended that you wear light clothing such as jerseys and T-shirts. These will keep you comfortable and dry thanks to their moisture-wicking and anti-perspirant fabric. The Nike Dri-Fit Pro Jersey, for example, fulfils these roles.

When the temperature drops a notch, you need suitable clothing to protect you from the effects of the cold! Sweatshirts are the answer! With or without a hood, they are made of soft, stretchy and breathable knitted fabric! They will provide you with optimal warmth! Between the Qualifier Ignight ColdGear from Under Armour or the Inmotion ed from adidas, the choice is yours! What do they have in common? A price that is accessible to all pockets!

But when the weather gets really bad, opt for jackets and windbreakers! Generally made from a waterproof material, these clothes protect you in case of rain. Softshell jackets are available on our website! While being breathable, they protect you from the effects of the cold and provide great elasticity.