Textiles of hiking for children

Do your children love long walks in the great outdoors? Give them a treat with one of our stylish and comfortable hiking clothes. We have selected the best textiles from The North Face and adidas to meet all their requirements. Products that you can find on Trek-Expert at competitive prices.

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Kids hiking clothes at the best prices

Instilling a love of hiking in your kids is easy with the right gear. For comfortable and efficient outdoor activities, we have selected outfits especially dedicated to young people, taken from the giants of the field such as Millet, Columbia and The North Face. T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, trousers, jackets and sweatshirts at unbeatable prices.

A range of lightweight tops for warm weather outings

No matter what the field, sport or play, lightness is one of the keys to performance, and hiking is no exception. On sunny days, it's imperative to dress lightly. Several styles of sportswear and lifestyle t-shirts are available at unbeatable prices. Made from soft, breathable and extremely silky premium fabric, they guarantee relaxed comfort and a cool feeling at all times. You can also choose styles with slogans like "never stop exploring" to keep them motivated and awake the little explorers in them.

Tops especially for young girls

Our tank tops are made of soft, functional and very flexible fabric for the little explorers in the making, ensuring freedom of movement and optimal freshness all day long.

T-shirts for girls are also available, with a classic cut and The North Face logo in pink. Breathable, well-ventilated and very light, they provide maximum comfort in any heat.

Comfortable outfits for the little ones

Whether you're a boy or a girl, get your little ones ready for adventure by putting them in our bodysuits. Emblazoned with the phrase "born to explore", these outfits are the beginning of your child's introduction to your favourite sport. They'll help get them into the swing of things at a young age.

Lightweight, soft shorts

Perfectly matched with our tops, these shorts are designed to combine comfort and performance. They are held in place with an elastic waistband and are made of soft, silky, functional fabric to ensure ease of wear, even over long periods of time. Their quick-drying ability helps to keep the lower body cool and dry throughout exercise so your child doesn't get cold and reduce their physical ability.

Some models have side pockets, with or without closures, so they can keep a few small accessories and electronic devices close at hand.

Warm, breathable trousers

For winter trips, give them these fleece-lined trousers! Made from soft, supple fabric, they provide maximum comfort. Their high-performance moisture-wicking system prevents overheating and allows the lower limbs to retain their full capacity for top-level physical performance. The quick-drying fabric is strong and durable and is easy to care for, making it suitable for all types of washing. They have built-in side pockets for storing and carrying small accessories and electronic devices.

For more mobility, you can opt for the ultra-flexible leggings with a close-fitting cut.

Hiking fabric for all winter activities

To keep their rhythm, your children need to get out in the open during the cold seasons. We offer you a wide selection of fleece jackets, suitable for both boys and girls. Made from lightweight, functional fabric, they keep them warm and dry throughout all their activities for maximum comfort and physical performance. Their great flexibility allows for upper body movement.

Other models are also available with waterproof and windproof treatments to cope with the elements.

If your children prefer a more or less casual look, give them one of our fleece sweatshirts. Made from extremely soft fabric, they guarantee offbeat comfort throughout their journey.