Wide selection of hiking accessories at the best prices

Trek-Expert has all the hiking accessories you need for your adventures in the great outdoors. From beanies, caps, necklaces, hats and bobs to gloves, you will certainly find what you need. Our products are made by the major brands in the sports sector such as Gore, Columbia, Buff, Nike...

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A wide selection of accessories to protect yourself while hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity where you are in direct reach of the elements: sun, wind, rain, snow... These can become dangerous enemies to make your adventure a disaster. So, in order to optimize your hike, it is essential to accessorize yourself properly to protect yourself from these external elements. By equipping yourself with the right accessories, your outdoor activity will go smoothly and for your greatest pleasure! Take advantage of our wide range of hiking accessories to find the protection you need all season long. In summer, caps, hats and bobs are essential to protect you from the sun and rain. In winter, hats, neck warmers and gloves will help you fight the cold. All the major brands in the hiking sector are present on our site with innovative products that perfectly meet the needs of any adventurer man, woman or child: Buff, Gore, The North Face, Nike, Columbia, Ferrino...

Essential accessories for hiking in summer

Hiking in the mountains is most often done in summer with high temperatures. It is therefore essential to protect yourself from the sun's rays to avoid sunstroke and keep your skin away from UV rays. The head is one of the most fragile areas that must be particularly protected. We have several models of low-cost headwear, adapted to effectively protect you from the harmful rays of the summer sun.


The hiking cap is one of the most popular accessories for adventurers. Indeed, it will not only protect you from the sun, it can also protect you from insects or even a light rain. And thanks to its visor, your eyes will not suffer from the sun's rays either. At Trek-Expert, there is a huge selection of hiking caps waiting for you. They are made of lightweight, breathable fabric for quick heat dissipation and quick drying.

Hats and Bobs

Hiking hats have wide brims for optimal protection of your head both front and back. They have adjustable drawstrings to keep them in place. The bobs on the other hand have short edges. They are more compact and easier to put in your pocket. To prevent your head from getting cold from sweaty moisture, our hats are made of breathable, quick-drying materials.


Both a useful and stylish accessory, headbands can also be necessary for your summer activities. Their role is to keep hair in place that can block your view and prevent you from moving forward. They also absorb perspiration. Find in our selection a wide choice of elastic headbands for men and women at the best prices. They have reflective colors to help you find your way around at night.

Essential accessories for winter hiking

During a winter hike, it is important to know that 80% of body heat escapes through the extremities of the body which are sensitive: ears, skull, nose, neck, hands and feet. That's why it's important to have the right thermal protection so that you don't suffer from the cold and you can enjoy and finish your adventure. At Trek-Expert, we understand this necessity. Fleece hats, neck warmers, gloves, ear muffs... find all the protection you need from the cold in our selection.


Always carry a beanie when you plan to hike in the cold or snow. Choose a warm and comfortable beanie made of polar fleece that covers the ears, which are really sensitive to the cold. In our catalog, we offer you beanies in a variety of colors, reversible or knitted. They are made of a material that offers good insulation, light, breathable and quick drying.


Gloves are also an essential part of winter hiking. Hands are one of the most sensitive areas to the cold, and gloves are designed to keep them warm. Without this accessory, you won't be able to dream of winter nature trips. Gloves also provide hand protection against the elements. Some of our models are made from waterproof or non-waterproof membranes, breathable, pleasant and offering optimal dexterity. Durable and resistant, they provide you with all the warmth you need in the field.