Ski jackets for men's and women's

Are you looking ski jackets for quality for you and your whole family? You have come at the right time. At Trek-Expert, we have a wide choice of jackets, intended for men, women and children, from the collection of major brands such as Dynastar and Rossignol.


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Which jacket to choose for on-piste and freeride skiing?

Wind, cold and humidity are an integral part of a winter sport like skiing. Fortunately, outfits have been specially designed to deal with it. We have selected a few to delight all enthusiasts. We have drawn the best models for men, women and children from the giants Dynastar and Rossignol, to find on trek-expert at attractive prices.

Comfortable and high-performance ski jackets

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, different models with different cuts of downhill ski jackets and touring are available to you according to your tastes, practices and budget.

Men's jackets for professional and amateur skiers

Whether it is a hobby or a livelihood, skiing requires clothing that is perfectly suited to outdoor conditions during winter. We have a wide selection of jackets for men.We particularly recommend the range Rossignol Controle. Made from water-repellent textile with taped seams, this jacket ski man benefits from a very efficient ventilation system to prevent excess heat. These underarm vents are adjustable with a zipper to allow you to regulate your body temperature as you wish. Its outer layer water-repellent prevents infiltration and keeps you cool and dry during your activities on or off the slopes. Well maintained thanks to an ergonomic cut and thumbholes, it has a flexible and lightweight fabric design to allow you great traction for total control and increased performance on hard or powder snow.

For more lightness and mobility, you can opt for the 100% cotton sleeveless jacket Dynastar Canvas pro.

Ski jackets for women

You are spoiled for choice between several models. However, for more comfort and performance, we recommend the female version of the Rossignol control jacket. With a windproof and water-repellent finish, this women's jacket is designed for all freeride skiers. With excellent thermal insulation, it is equipped with a high performance perspiration evacuation system, allowing the body to stay warm and dry on all your routes. Its flexible material design allows optimal mobility for maximum control in all circumstances. The discreet patterns, associated with an ergonomic cut highlight your silhouette for great icy elegance.

It incorporates a snow skirt, guaranteeing more ease during your trips in the mountains and inner sleeves with loop for the thumbs, providing good support and a better feeling under the gloves. Its hood faux fur lined provides extra warmth for maximum comfort.

You can also opt for the range Rapide pearly for more lightness. With a satin surface with a waterproof finish, this down jacket incorporates warm and breathable padding, providing real comfort at all times. Its ergonomic sleeves provide great freedom of movement for top-level performance.

Ski jackets for children child                                             

Make you happy by offering him a top-of-the-range jacket, suitable for all kinds of winter practices, at the resort and in the mountains. With a design inspired by the best models of professional jackets, it highlights its silhouette while providing maximum comfort and protection against the cold and bad weather. It has water-repellent pockets extra-spacious, allowing it to keep accessories and electronics close at hand.

On and off the piste, children tend to enjoy snow more than adults. They therefore need clothing that can simultaneously provide them with comfort, warmth and protection against humidity. This is how we chose the Rossignol Polydown girl's jacket. Boasting high thermal insulation, this waterproof and functional jacket is ideal for keeping them warm and dry all day long. It's perfectly waterproof coating makes this warm garment an essential ally to brave the elements and the fitted cut, associated with a flexible fabric allows a multitude of movements for flawless mobility.