All our Skis for Alpine Skiing

Powder snow and the great winter air? Nothing beats a pair of skis adapted to its practice, Trek-Expert offers you a selection of alpine skis on promotion ! Enjoy equipping you with the best shoe skiing, ski clothes and even alpine ski poles at the best prices.

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A wide selection of alpine skis for men, women and children

Available in sizes adult and child, the skis have models female and male. The difference between these is not only in design, but also in anatomy. According to experts, women have a lower center of gravity that is pushed further back. Women ski must compensate for this difference with advanced fasteners and enhanced heels to increase performance and comfort.Deploying less force than men, female skiers must benefit from a softer flex for better energy transfer. Specialist in sales of ski equipment, Trek-Expert provides you with high quality articles and processing and fast delivery service for easy and satisfying purchases.

How to choose the right pair of skis?

Several parameters intervene in the choice of an excellent pair of skis, in particular the level of the skier and therefore the types of practices: track, freeride, all mountain or freestyle. Trek-Expert takes you to discover a wide selection of skis adapted to all your activities.

Downhill skiing

For a beginner skier, it is advisable to stay within the framework of a piste to assimilate the fundamentals and guarantee better safety. For this type of practice, your skis must give you good grip, great stability and perfect handling for maximum comfort and performance. For example, you can opt for the range Dynastar Menace 90, a versatile pair of racing track and freeride. Equipped with Dynastar Xpress 11 grip walk b93 binding exploring, it is perfect for all the slopes of all your favorite resorts.

Off-piste skiing

We go up a notch with the skis of freeride, intended for practices off-piste. Mainly practiced by experienced riders, this type of activity requires pairs of skis more technical with good grip for better stability, comfort and maneuverability in cut or slide driving. Solid, resistant and durable, they benefit from a Cap structure and an Active Air Core, guaranteeing great lightness and excellent reactivity on powder snow.

It is also important to note that freeride skis need to be wider to better absorb the movements of the terrain. Their characteristics allow you to explore different types of terrain: powder snow, traced snow, large valleys, forests or corridors. They should also be more than 5 or 10 cm more than your height to provide maximum stability at high speed. For experienced skiers used to high-speed cornering, it is advisable to take pairs that are 15 cm longer than their sizes.

All mountain skiing

For this type of practice on piste or off and on different kinds of snow, you need to choose versatile skis that can behave well on all terrains. We advise you to take pairs that are 5 to 10 cm shorter than your height if you are a beginner and less than 5 cm if you are a skier. confirmed. Their widths must be around 80 mm and they must integrate a longer tip for optimal wearing comfort, handling top-level and a feeling of snow. exceptional.

Freestyle skiing

For experts who practice this fun and sporty practice, we also have some suitable articles. We can distinguish three types of skiing for this activity: the versatile freestyle,skiing freestyle snow park and freestyle backcountry.

If you exercise in a snowpark, opt for skis that are the right size for you to ensure a stable landing and with a few extra inches to gain agility. Otherwise, that is to say on backcountry terrain, you need skis that are wider (more than 100mm) and with a size exceeding yours by 5 to 15 cm, guaranteeing real comfort and maneuverability. extreme during jumps and figures. For versatile use, we recommend pairs that are the same size as you or 10 cm below.

By continuing your navigation, you can also find other ski equipment such as Crampons Look I2 hm-st 100mm / 110mm / 120mm and Ski Look superlite adjustment plate knockdown at prices.