Our selection of Ski Gloves and Mittens

The leaders in the design of ski gloves and mittens, Reusch and Rossignol, put their know-how at your disposal for top-of-the-line pairs, adapted to all your practices and your level. Find them on Trek-Expert at promotional prices.

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How to choose the right pair of gloves and mittens?

Warmth, grip, protection and sturdiness, all these criteria are essential to qualify a pair of high performance gloves. However, it is difficult to find them all in the same article. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. We have selected a large number of gloves from the renowned brands Reusch and Rossignol to meet the requirements of all ski enthusiasts. We also wanted to give you an overview of all the features they have to help you make the best choice. And to top it all off, all of these products are available at unbeatable prices.

Warm and comfortable gloves and mittens

Designed to cope with all kinds of extreme situations, in this case the extreme cold of the snowy mountains , they are made from knitted fabric combined with high quality material ensuring excellent thermal insulation and moisture management. In addition to providing an ideal temperature, they have the ability to intelligently wick away perspiration to prevent overheating. They are designed to fit the hands perfectly to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

For more warmth, opt for mittens, with a design almost similar to gloves, the only difference being that they include all four fingers except the thumb. This concept is to homogenize the temperature and allow them to keep warm through friction. Well maintained with the help of velcro strips or buckles at the wrists, they provide both comfort and concentration. Their adjustable closures allow for a millimeter-perfect adjustment of the transition between them and the jacket.

At Trek-Expert you can find gloves and mittens for all tastes, uses and levels. In addition to offering you models for men, women and children, we offer you a low-cost service and a fast delivery time.

Highly protective gloves

The right gestures prevent injury, but no one is ever safe from a possible fall that could cause injury. Think about getting pairs with soft reinforcements on the surface to ensure better shock absorption. Their design provides excellent thermal insulation and maximum protection against the cold. For this, designers use technologies such as R-Tex® Xt for Reusch and IMP'R and Fiberfil insulation for Rossignol. Their ability to prevent moisture from seeping in is also a huge advantage because your hands are kept at an ideal temperature throughout your efforts.

Gloves with exceptional grip

In addition to protecting against cold and wet, gloves and mittens are also used to increase grip. A pre-curved palm for Rossignol and soft foam with Gore Grip technology for Reusch provide a better grip on the poles for exceptional grip and optimal control.

Strong and durable gloves and mittens

For intensive skiers, amateurs or pros, it is necessary to choose models that emphasize robustness, without compromising ease of use and performance. Take for example the Explorer Pro R-texRXt Pcr Sc line: They are made with a combination of real leather, polyester and goat skin hyper solid, combined with reinforcements carefully studied by the experts at Reusch to ensure perfect resistance to all kinds of wear and optimal durability.

Gloves and mittens adapted to all types of practice

To make freeride enthusiasts happy, we've included a wide range of super-comfortable, high-performance gloves and mittens in this selection. They are adapted to off-piste situations: hard snow or powder. The combination of softshell and goatskin works wonders to provide both warmth and exceptional strength. Patented Heat Capture SystemTM, they include waterproof reinforcements to ensure a perfect seal. Their ergonomic cut and flexible materials allow natural hand movement for better control and mobility.

Gloves are an integral part of your overall look

Stay stylish without compromising your comfort and performance. The experts at Reusch and Rossignol developed these gloves and mittens with a clean look to complement your look throughout your runs. Ice-cold elegance, worthy of the world's greatest skiers, is at your fingertips, at unbeatable prices.