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enthusiasts Trail running never back down, whatever the weather conditions, to run and surpass themselves. This is why we have selected a large selection of women's textiles. Discover the best of women's shorts and running shorts to accompany you in nature and so that you can fully enjoy your activity at low prices.


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A wide choice of shorts and bib shorts for women intended for trail running

Trek-Expert's role is to equip you well to protect you in all circumstances so that you can fully enjoy your run in order to constantly push your limits. For this we have gathered a wide selection of shorts and women's bib of high quality. They are all chosen from major brands such as Adidas Terrex, Asics, Gore and Nike. Whether you are a runner beginner, intermediate or confirmed, you will find what you are looking for!

Light, ventilated and breathable running shorts

To succeed in a race, it is essential to choose your equipment wisely. A short trail run is ideal if you are planning to take a full race. summer seasonThey are specially designed to guarantee you a comfortable ride totaland good functionality to improve your performance on every. We offer a wide range of running shorts for women, long or short. Short models give you good ventilation while long shorts are best for short distance races. Made from specific materials, they are breathable and very soft to give you a feeling of lightness. You will benefit from total freedom of movement thanks to the flexibility of their fabrics. At the same time, they wick away moisture so you can stay dry throughout your run.

Sticky, comfortable and anti-chafing

Most runners prefer shorts for their sticky properties. Indeed, the thighs really hug the body to the bottom of the thighs, which avoids as much as possible the risk of friction between the thighs during a long outing. In addition, with their very stretchy fabrics that perfectly mold the body, you can hardly feel it on you. You will feel good and light in the execution of the movements. Our models of shorts are specifically chosen thanks to their high elasticity. Coming from renowned brands in the sports sector, they will provide you with the comfort you need as well as maximum concentration during your routing trail and running. They have a flat seam in their interior to fight against friction and irritation. To the delight of all the runners!

2-in-1 shorts for optimal comfort until the finish.

You hesitate between shorts or bib shorts? Why not both at the same time! With our 2 in 1 models, you have loose shorts on the top lined with shorts on the inside. They are ideal for runners and trail runners who want maximum comfort during exercise. The shorts are made with fabric  lightweight, breathable to ensure efficient transfer of moisture to the outside and quick drying.The integrated shorts, on the other hand, guarantee good muscle support and reduce the risk of friction between the thighs. By choosing 2 in 1 shorts, you not only improve your comfort, but also your performance ! They are perfect for women in both hot and cold weather, for light or heavy workouts, on the road, trails or trails.

Shorts with zipped pocket for smart storage

When choosing sports equipment, details also matter. On Trek-Expert, we believe that it is also essential to think about practicality, in addition to aesthetics and functionality. Some of our shorts and shorts for women include pockets zippered internal to allow you to carry your essentials safe. You will be able to do without your running bag! At the front, on the sides or at the back, these pockets can accommodate certain objects such as your phone, your keys, your tissues, your gels, your energy bars ... Their specific locations are well thought out to avoid embarrassing you when you Classes. In addition, some shorts also have an inner mesh integrated breathable that guarantees comfort perfectly without irritations on your skin.

A good fit for comfortable trail running

Whatever terrain you're going to run on, it's important to be seen from a distance. For this, we offer shorts with adjustable waistband, reflective patterns, at unbeatable prices. They guarantee you a safe run, especially if you practice near the roads in the evening or very early in the morning. Thanks to the adjustable belt, you will be able to adjust the shorts to your waist so that they do not move and that you do not feel them during all your activity.