Technical Shorts

For a successful trail running trip, the choice of  shorts is important. It is important to choose your shorts according to the weather conditions, the duration of the effort or the cut. Discover our selection of men's shorts at the best prices !

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Clothing that meets the requirements of runners

One might think that trail running does not require specialised clothing, as it is enough to be able to run! However, it would be a big mistake to neglect this aspect. A bad choice of clothing could indeed have an impact on the runner's comfort and inevitably his performance will also be affected! Well-known brands such as adidas Terrex, Asics, Gore or Reebok suggest products such as shorts . These will allow runners to concentrate 100% on their run without being bothered by discomfort. Take a look at our website and take advantage of our low prices !

How to choose your men's trail shorts?

Since running in the open air requires optimum freedom of movement, you need to buy suitable shorts. For example, you can choose loose-fitting models. The Split from Gore or the Silver Split from Asics are perfect for this purpose. For your comfort, choose shorts without inner seams to avoid any risk of rubbing between the thighs. Apart from that, you should focus on three other criteria, namely snag resistance, lightness and ventilation. And since running makes you sweat profusely, you'll need a model that has the ability to wick moisture efficiently. Made from breathable fabric, our shorts will keep you dry even when you're running hard! Need help making the right choice? The Workout Ready Knit from Reebok or the Run It from adidas should inspire you! Treat yourself to these quality men's shorts at an unbeatable price!

A few more important details: choose models with integrated pockets so that you can take your small items and other useful things with you. They can also be fitted with an adjustable belt for a perfect fit!

In addition, for greater visibility and safety, especially when trail running at night, opt for shorts with reflective patterns!

And if you want to combine comfort and protection, opt for 2-in-1 shorts! As the name suggests, these shorts are made up of 2 parts. In general, the outer part is ultra-light and made from stretch fabric with a mesh insert to improve airflow. The inner part provides both compression and muscle support. The seamless fit is effective in preventing chafing! Not sure which model to choose? Here are some ideas to help you decide: the Own the Run 2-in-1 from adidas, the R5 2-in-1 from Gore or the Qualifier 2-in-1 for men from Under Armour. Get these high quality products at a special price!

Which men's trail running shorts should I choose?

Do you want to be as comfortable as possible during your runs? Then the men's shorts are definitely your best bet! This technical equipment is specially designed to help you avoid friction and injuries. With these shorts, there is no risk of chafing on the thighs thanks to the flat seams. It is as comfortable as you could wish for and fits perfectly to the rider's contours. But the biggest advantage is that the shorts help to improve your performance! In what way? Simply because the shorts compress your muscles in the best possible way and at the same time promote better blood circulation. As an added bonus, you'll feel lighter than ever! To inspire you, choose one of the following models: the Own The Run from adidas or the Silver 7IN from Asics! You're in luck, they're currently available at a great price!

In addition to the shorts, you can also choose to wear tights or shorts, depending on what you want!