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Fill up on energy to boost your performance during your effort with Meltonic, Apurna or Gu Energy gels. Discover a large choice of high quality sports nutrition products at low prices on Trek-Expert.

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A wide selection of energy gel for sports

The energy gels are products of effort allowing to compensate for the expenses in energy during the practice of the sports which require endurance as the running. They are made of carbohydrates and are designed to delay energy depletion in the body during major efforts.

On our Trek-Expert online store, we offer you a wide range of energy gels at the best price to support your intense efforts during your different physical activities. Find the sports gels designed by the famous brands Apurna, PowerBar, Chimpanzee, Meltonic that will help you maximize your performance in training as well as during the competition.

Energy gel, energy bar, energy drink: what is the difference?

Used by top athletes during endurance events, energy gel is designed to provide energy thanks to its various components: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins. Easy to digest during the effort, it has the same function as an energy bar or an energy drink. Its main difference with the latter is that it is an easy-to-open product that is simple to transport thanks to its reduced volume. In addition to its practical format, the energy gel has a great advantage, because it is not necessary to chew when consuming, it is enough to digest. Sports gels provide a concentrate of energy to avoid depleting the reserves in the body during physical activity. For an optimal use, a gel must be consumed with a little water to facilitate its assimilation.

How does an energy gel work?

The energy that allows you to produce efforts during your sports practices is provided by fats and carbohydrates. Our body contains a more or less important quantity of fat mass, but a transformation is necessary so that they can feed the muscles in energy.

During your important physical efforts, it is mainly the carbohydrates which ensure the supply of energy. However, you should know that muscles can only contain a certain amount of carbohydrates. Also, the carbohydrate reserves in the muscles are gradually depleted according to the intensity of the effort.

This is where energy gels come into play: they aim to supply the stock of carbohydrates that the body needs to maintain the same level of performance for longer. These sports nutrition products are also known to provide a boost, but also anti-cramp.

How to choose a quality energy gel?

The energy gel is designed to provide athletes with a carbohydrate intake to meet the needs related to the effort. It generally contains carbohydrate elements such as glucose, maltodextrin or fructose which allow to recharge the muscles to boost energy and improve recovery. Obviously, other ingredients are used for the composition of a sports gel in addition to this carbohydrate base. We often find vitamins for an anti-oxidation effect and for a fast recovery. Some products also contain stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, or ginseng for an energizing effect and for a natural oxygenation of the muscles .

How to consume energy gels?

The golden rule for consuming an energy gel is to test different products before the competition. Indeed, the body of each athlete uses carbohydrates in a different way. If for some people the effect can be felt within minutes after assimilation, others may need more time. The timing for taking an energy gel is therefore specific to each athlete. On average, we advise you to take a sports gel around 45 minutes to 1 hour after the beginning of the effort. To avoid overloading the blood with carbohydrates, it is recommended to wait at least half an hour to 1 hour to take an energy gel. An accumulation of sugar will have harmful effects on blood circulation and can cause discomfort, but also dehydration.

Which energy gel to choose?

The best way to choose the right energy gel to use during your competitions is to do some tests during your training sessions. This will allow you to find the sports nutrition product best suited to your digestive system. In our online store, you will find a wide range of energy gels with different flavors and textures offered by the well-known brands Apurna, PowerBar, Chimpanzee, Meltonic and many others. As for taste, you can choose neutral, sweet or salty products according to your preferences.