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All sportsmen and women, whether amateurs or professionals, need to be properlyhydrated ! In just a few clicks, discover a wide selection of drinks that will effectively accompany all sports enthusiasts in their efforts! In addition, don't forget to take energy bars or gels during your outing.

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When you practice a sport, it is vital to drink water if you want to avoid the undesirable effects of dehydration! This is why brands such as Apurna, PowerBar or TORQ strive to develop quality drinks especially for sportsmen and women! And what's more, they are accessible at a price that defies all competition!

Which drink to choose before a sport activity?

For any individual, it is essential to drink as often as possible! In fact, doctors recommend drinking 2L per day! Buthydration is even more important for a high level athlete! Nowadays, you can find energy drinks almost everywhere and their effects are not always what you expect! That's why it's very important to test these sports drinks beforehand during training! Would you like us to guide you in your choice? No problem ! The IsoActive - Red Fruit Punch from PowerBar will do just fine! It is a powder for preparing an isotonic drink with carbohydrates and minerals. It contains a scientifically developed formula with different carbohydrate sources. This drink provides the body with Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium! It is better to drink 200 to 300 ml during the hour before the effort! Treat yourself to this product at a promotional price!

Which drink should I choose during exercise?

When a sportsman makes a lot of effort, his body uses up to three times more energy than a person at rest. It is therefore recommended to take energy or isotonic drinks ! Yes, but you have to be careful about how you use them! So, instead of taking a big gulp, it is advisable to drink small quantities regularly throughout the practice! In fact, you should adapt your intake according to the type of effort! Would you like us to guide you in your choices? Choose the Doypack Orange energy drink from Apurna or the Deluxe Protein 500gr Chocolate from Powerbar! Composed of carbohydrates and electrolytes, this drink also contains vitamins and antioxidant minerals that help protect cells against oxidative stress. Its isotonic property promotes water exchange between cells, which allows the body to be well hydrated throughout the sporting effort! Get this article at a low price!

What to drink after an intense effort?

After a sport activity, your body needs to recover! However, an energy drink alone cannot compensate for the loss of energy after the effort! Therefore, you should also have a snack! You should know that one hour after a sport, there is a " metabolic window" during which the body absorbs more easily the different nutrients that are provided to it. It is therefore in your best interest to respect the right timing to promote optimal recovery!

To help you in this regard, choose Apurna 's Orange Recovery Drink ! It contains proteins that help restore muscle mass, carbohydrates to regain energy and vitamins. Minerals and Magnesium that reduce the effects of fatigue. Vitamins B2, C, E, Selenium and Zinc that protect cells against oxidative stress. At this moment, this product is available at the lowest price on the market!

Whenoxygen is lacking (during an effort), the red blood cells produce a substance called lactic acid! The disadvantage is that this substance does not allow for the complete metabolism of glucose! To counter the effects of lactic acid, there is only one solution : drink water!

A healthy and balanced diet is also indicated to ensure a good recovery! Here's a little advice that will be very useful: if you want to strengthen your muscles, opt for proteins from meat or dairy products! If you want to do cardio, opt for slow sugars, like wholemeal pasta for example!