Caps and visors at the best prices

Discover on Trek-Expert a wide range of caps and visors for trail running at the best price. Columbia, Salomon, By sports, Nike... all your favorite brands of outdoor equipment are present in our catalog. You can also find our collection of trailaccessories to get hats, gloves, bobs, etc.

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Caps and visors: essential accessories for trail running

Running and trail running are among the most demanding sports activities. Runners must always wear the right equipment to train or finish a competition in comfort and safety. Faced with the vagaries of the weather that can occur during outings, they need to protect different parts of their body, starting with the head. It must be protected from the sun, but also from wind and rain. That's why at Trek-Expert we offer a wide range of caps and visors. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find something for everyone at the best price in our online store. Our products are perfectly suited for running and are designed by the leading brands in the outdoor sector. Not only do our items provide you with optimal protection, they are also capable of optimizing your performance. Browse our collection to find the right trail cap or visor for you.

Why wear a cap?

The trail cap is a multifunctional piece of equipment. Anti-UV, it protects you against sunburn during the summer. In case of intense heat, you can use it to cool down by running it under cold water at different water points during your run. This will keep your head cool and prevent overheating. In addition to that, its visor also offers multiple protections. It protects your eyes from the glare of the sun. When it starts to rain, it protects your face from the rain. When the wind gusts, it is also effective in the role of dust shield. Also, the perspiration barrier of the outdoor cap absorbs and evacuates sweat very well to prevent it from running into your eyes.

How to choose the right trail cap and visor?

To choose your trail cap or your trail visor, you have to take into account many criteria. They are your morphology, your practice, the place where you run, the weather and the technical characteristics of the headgear.

- Choose your cap according to your morphology

First, it must be perfectly adapted to the shape of your head. It should stay in place during your run and even if there is a gust of wind. Choose adjustable models with drawstrings or adjustable bands so you can tighten it as much as you like.

- Choose your cap according to your practice and the weather

For your runs on sunny days, look for UV-resistant caps that offer good protection from the sun. And since you'll be sweating, don't forget the breathability aspect. It should be quick-drying with mesh inserts for optimal ventilation.

Choose a large visor for excellent eye protection from sunlight, rain and dust. If you plan to run at night, you need a cap with high visibility for added safety. In our catalog, you will find items with reflective strips that will make you visible to drivers.

If the sun is very intense, you can turn to a Saharan cap. This cap has a brim that falls over the back of the neck for optimal protection. The Saharan must be light and breathable to ensure your comfort.

- Choose your cap according to its characteristics

When choosing your trail cap, you should also consider its materials, fabrics and integrated technologies. It should be very light to ensure comfort and not hinder your efforts. It must also be completely resistant to effectively counter all the bad weather. For maximum protection, choose a model that can be used with other accessories, including sunglasses. Style-wise, the trail cap comes in a variety of designs and colors. You'll be able to choose the one that perfectly matches your sportswear.

Specific features of our trail caps and visors

Need a new cap for your training sessions or for the competition? Models from the best sports equipment manufacturers are available on our site: Columbia, Buff, Salomon, Bv Sports, Nike... you'll have plenty of choice. Combining technicality and aestheticism, our selection of caps meets all the needs of runners, men or women. It is made of light fabric such as cotton that filters UV rays. Lightweight, it does not hinder your efforts. It is resistant to all outdoor conditions. For your adventures in the desert or in the mountains, some of our models are equipped with detachable Saharas according to your desires. Take advantage of our best prices to offer you high performance equipment without breaking the bank!