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A wide choice of hydration bag Trail running waiting for you on Trek-Expert to accompany you during your training and running races. Belt Hydration, hydration vest, backpack... find all the great amenities that you need with the major brands of outdoor sports. All our products at low prices with fast delivery !

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Hydration bag, an essential for Trail running

The hydration bag is widely used in trail and especially in ultra-trail. Indeed, it is part of the essential equipment that must have any good runner or trail runner. Hydration is very important so that you can achieve your goals and stay the course. Lightweight and practical, the water bag is composed of a large water bag and equipped with a hose. This allows you to drink quickly and effortlessly while continuing your run. And since water consumption is easier, you will tend to hydrate yourself regularly, which will improve your performance. Even if it is a must have during a running or trail session, the hydration bag remains unused on the road, for example in a marathon. On Trek-Expert, we provide you with a wide selection of hydro bags and trail rucksacks at attractive prices. Rigorously selected for their quality, they are made of resistant materials and offered in various sizes to suit your needs. Don't wait any longer and browse our offers to find the model that suits you!

How to choose your hydration bag?

To find the right hydration accessory, you must first define your water needs according to your practice. So for a city ​​trip of less than 1 hour, you need between 200 and 500 ml of water. So you won't need a trail bag, but a small container that won't get in your way during your runs. A hydration belt with bottle or bottle holder will therefore be useful. It will allow you to always have a little water close at hand to hydrate you sufficiently during high heat. A hydration belt also has a pocket to carry an energy bar or gel. On the other hand, for a run over 1 hour, it is necessary to choose a vest or a hydration bag. To gain comfort, a hydro bag with a 1 liter water bag is recommended. Equipped with a tube, it allows you to quench your thirst without stopping.

A hydration vest for more comfort

The hydration vest is a specific piece of equipment for running. It is designed for medium to long distance trail runners. It is worn high on the back and perfectly conforms to the shape of your body. It thus limits irritation. The hydration vest is made of fabrics breathable and lightweight and has a minimalist design. It must adapt to your morphology to provide you with optimal comfort. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size so as not to hamper your run. On Trek-Expert discovers many models running vests  superior to accompany you in your full outdoor activities. They are available in several sizes and capacities to adapt to your morphology and your needs.

A backpack for more versatility

Versatile, a backpack is multi-activity equipment. It can be used for any outdoor sports,either for running, trail, hiking, trekking or ultra-trail.Compared to a waistcoat, it generally offers more volume. This allows you to carry all the essentials for your outings: water, food, equipment, clothes ... It has a special compartment to integrate a water bag, which is often already provided. However, a backpack is less suited to perform. You have to pay attention to the system carrying and the weight which can make your outings unpleasant if they are unsuitable. Discover in our selection a wide choice of brand Camelbak Backpacks from 1.5L to 10L. We offer female and male models. Robust and light, they are designed to adapt to all types of terrain and weather conditions.

How much bag volume for Trail running?

The volume of your trail bag depends on the period of autonomy between each refueling during a competition or training. So, depending on this planned duration, here is the ideal volume:

  • For an outing of less than 1 hour, a hydration belt or avast is 2-liter sufficient

  • Between 1 to 2 hours of running, choose a backpack or a vest of volume 2 to 5 liters

  • For a trail outing of 3 hours or more, opt for a backpack of volume 6 to 10 liters

  • And finally, in the case of an Ultra-trail, you need a backpack of 12 liters

Find in our collection of trail hydration bags the equipment that best suits your practice with an excellent quality / price ratio.