Large selection of T-shirts and tank tops for women

Our wide range of women's hiking t-shirts and tank tops are there for you in all your outdoor activities: hiking, trail running, trekking or winter sports. Comfortable and efficient, our products come from major brands of sports equipment such as Columbia, Salomon, Rossignol, Asics… Accessible to all, they are offered at low prices with fast delivery.

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A wide range of women's hiking clothing

Do you need to buy technical womens-shorts hiking? Make the most of your next adventures mountain with our vast collection of women's hiking t-shirts and tank tops ! Activities in nature require you to wear specific clothes that are different from those you put on on a daily basis. Indeed, when walking, your skin is subjected for a long time to heat and humidity. It is therefore important to choose a high lightweight, breathable and quickly. driesOn Trek Expert, our products are selected for their comfort and performance. They allow you to walk in good conditions, to explore more and to push your limits. Whether you love hiking, trail running or winter sports, you will certainly find in our wide range the hiking polo shirt or the women's hiking t-shirt that suits you.quality, Highour textile accessories are made by leading brands in sports such as Columbia, Salomon, Rossignol, Lafuma, The NorthFace, Jack Wolfskin and Asics.But that's not all ! They are offered at the best prices so that all adventurers, beginners or experts, can enjoy them!

Comfortable and efficient hiking t-shirts and vests

At Trek Expert, the women's hiking t-shirt is designed from specific materials adapted to outdoor conditions, such as nylon fiber or merino wool. It's breathable, sweat-wicking and moisture- wicking to keep you dry and cool throughout the effort. Lightweight and soft to the touch, it is perfectly comfortable. Versatile, it can accompany you all year round during your various excursions. You can wear it alone during the summer seasons and as a first layer to combine with a second layer during your winter sports. Some models are equipped with innovative technologies to offer you more performance. For example, with FlashDry-XDTM technology, the technical t-shirt from The North Face wicks sweat very quickly. Close to the body or loose, short or long sleeves, whatever your choice, it guarantees you optimal freedom in your movements. Combining efficiency and aesthetics, our best women's hiking t-shirts are also available in a color palette to satisfy desires and adapt to your style. From dark colors to more colorful, plain or patterned, they go easily with your outdoor outfit and your walking shoes.

How to choose the right women's hiking t-shirt?

Faced with the many models available on the market, it is often difficult to select the right women's hiking t-shirt or bomber jacket for your practice. To choose better, the main criterion that you must take into account is your use. It will allow you to determine the material and shape of the technical t-shirt you need.

-        The material:

For outdoor activities, cotton should be avoided, which is heavy when wet and dries very slowly. It is only reserved for city use. Favor models of hiking t-shirts made from technical fibers. It adapts very well to all your needs and outdoor conditions. It is lightweight, breathable and compressible forwear comfortable. Ideal for intense efforts, it has the best performance in terms of drying speed.

T-shirts made from a natural material such as merino wool are also a great choice. They have the advantage of limiting odors thanks to their antibacterial fibers. They are comfortable to wear, dry quickly and effectively wick away moisture.

-        The shape:

When we talk about the shape of a women's hiking t-shirt, we are referring to the length of the sleeves, the cut and the neckline.t-shirts Long-sleeved are ideal for your adventures mountain cool-weather. You can also wear them in the middle of summer to effectively protect yourself from harmful solar rays and insects. When it is very hot and you are not sensitive to UV rays, you can opt for at-shirt to short-sleeved benefit from more freshness.

When it comes to, the best women's hiking t-shirts can be loose or fit fitted. The wide models give you more comfort and good air circulation, while the fitted ones reduce friction. Regarding the neckline, choose the round neck which guarantees better protection and facilitates your movements.

Trek expert, you arrange a wide range of t-shirts and tank tops, women hiking high quality and the best prices.They come from the biggest brands on the market to allow you to venture out in good conditions while remaining stylish!