Our selection of women's parkas and down jackets

Protect yourself from the cold during your adventures in the wilderness or in the city with our range of women's parkas and down jackets. Trek-Expert offers the best warm hiking clothes from the top brands at low prices.

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A wide selection of women's parkas and down jackets

Need warm and comfortable clothing for your outdoor activities? Prepare yourself to face the bad weather with complete peace of mind during your expeditions thanks to the wide range of women's parkas and down jackets that Trek-Expert has made available to you. Our team has selected models that ingeniously combine comfort, protection and warmth from well-known brands such as The North Face and adidas. You will find hiking clothing specially designed for cold and rainy conditions in our specialised online shop. Known for their reliability and quality, the various items we offer are available at lower prices to help you save money.

How to choose a parka according to the season?

To protect you effectively against the elements, the women's parka is a good alternative to the classic coat and jacket. Thanks to its modern design, this garment is a must-have to fight against low temperatures and rainy weather. The parka is characterised by its covering length, which provides an extra barrier to keep the cold wind out. Designed to offer optimal protection, it is sometimes equipped with a storm flap. The most fashionable models are often equipped with a fur-lined hood for even more warmth and comfort.

Cold and wet weather

When it's cold and rainy, we advise you to adopt the 3-layer system to stay dry and warm. This method will give you optimal protection and adaptability to all conditions, whether you are hiking in the mountains or in everyday life. The trick is to layer a base layer, followed by an insulation layer, and finally a protective layer. For the outer layer, choose a garment that offers warmth, waterproofing and breathability, such as the Zaneck parka from The North Face. This model is designed with a water-resistant DryVent fabric and Heatseeker thermal insulation.

Cold and dry weather

When you're out in the mountains in the colder months, opt for a parka with a folded collar made from a warm, breathable material. Padded models with a fleece interior are best for maximum warmth and comfort. You will find a wide range of high quality women's parka to suit your specific needs and requirements in our online shop. Our selection includes both non-waterproof parkas and waterproof models. The Suzanne Triclimate Parka is one of The North Face's top models and has a down lining: ideal for cold and dry weather.

Warm and comfortable women's down jackets

A must-have for the cold seasons, the women's down jacket is very popular, both for its great comfort and its inimitable style. This winter garment is designed to provide excellent insulation when the temperature is low thanks to its quilting. Available in many styles, they are now available in several models: light down jackets, oversized, sleeveless, with ventilation zips, hooded... Outdoor sports enthusiasts such as hikers will gladly turn to a thick down jacket with a tight fit that will keep them warm during their journey.

To fight the cold

If you are looking for light and efficient protection against the cold wind, a down jacket is your best ally. At Trek-Expert, we offer a wide range of women's down jackets with high quality padding to meet your most demanding needs. The models with natural down filling have the advantage of ensuring optimal warmth, in addition to providing a soft feel. In addition, they are easy to wear and compress very easily. For a better feel, opt for seamless down jackets like the adidas Varilite.

For wet weather

A versatile garment, the down jacket can be worn in rain or snow. In these conditions, it is important to choose a model with a water-repellent or waterproof coating. To be comfortable and protected from the elements, choose a down jacket made from a breathable fabric that wicks away perspiration. Browse our selection of women's down jackets and find the one that suits you best. A wide range of quilted and trendy models awaits you so that you can stay warm in style.