The best The North Face hiking shoes

Need new hiking boots? Check out our collection of hiking boots from The North Face, the leading brand in mountain sports. Whether you're looking for hiking boots, support boots or waterproof shoes, you'll find the right model for your type of hiking at low prices.

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The North Face: "Never stop exploring"

What mountain sports enthusiast doesn't know the brand The North Face? No one in our opinion. It was created in the 1960s by two hiking enthusiasts in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Today it has become a popular brand in the field of mountain expeditions. For many years, the company has been highly regarded for its high-quality hiking boots and shoes. It also develops outdoor clothing, high-performance equipment, tents, backpacks, etc. Its name, The North Face, evokes the northern flank of the mountain, which is the coldest and most dangerous part. With its slogan "Never Stop Exploring", it offers products that are always hyper technical and more innovative to help adventurers to push their limits. On Trek-Expert, you will find a complete collection of The North Face hiking boots suitable for all your adventures, whether on trails, paths or even steep terrain.

The right hiking boot for every activity

The first thing you need to set out on an adventure in the wilderness is a good pair of hiking or backpacking shoes. The North Face shoes should be perfectly suited to the type of hiking you'll be doing, the terrain you'll be hiking on, and the weather conditions you'll be experiencing. Once these criteria are met, they can provide comfort, reliability and performance.

  • If you plan to hike across plains, through forests or along hiking trails, you need a walking shoe. Lightweight and flexible, they allow your feet to be more mobile while providing maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • If you want to hike over rough terrain or up a mountain, you need support boots to prevent falls or injuries. These boots are made of sturdy materials and equipped with a more solid and resistant sole. The hiking boot is more rigid and has a high shaft. It provides excellent support for your ankle while providing comfort and safety.
  • If it rains, it is best to choose waterproof hiking boots with the Gore-Tex membrane. This technology makes the fabric waterproof, breathable and windproof at the same time. These shoes will keep your feet dry on wet terrain.

FUTURELIGHT™, the innovative technology of The North Face shoes

FUTURELIGHT™ technology is a waterproof, breathable membrane. It has a nanostructure that allows air to circulate. As a result, it ensures more efficient ventilation and breathability, while remaining waterproof and durable. This fabric created by The North Face design and engineering teams is currently the lightest and most breathable fabric on the market. It is both soft and ultra-thin. By equipping yourself with the latest hiking boots with this waterproof-breathable FUTURELIGHT™ technology, you'll be ready for any terrain. They'll effectively protect you from the elements even in the most hostile environments. They'll give you optimal grip, excellent support and all the comfort you need to perform in your practice. On Trek-Expert, get FUTURELIGHT™ products in just a few clicks and at the best prices.

Many models of hiking, walking and trekking shoes

The North Face offers a wide variety of hiking, walking and trekking shoes. You can easily buy them at promotional prices from our online store. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker, you'll find the right pair for your needs. Among the brand's leading models, we can recommend the Vectiv low or high shoes that combine a 3D plate and a rocker midsole. They are very light, but offer good support and are designed to maximize your energy on the course. The Hedgehog is also popular with hikers because of its optimal support on steep and rocky trails. It features Cradle, SnakePlate, Vibram and Gore-Tex technologies that provide excellent cushioning, firmness, grip and waterproofing. To excel in your practice, you can also get Ultra Fastpack IV FUTURELIGHT™ shoes that offer extra support in strategic areas or Litewave Fastpack II GORE-TEX® shoes. Not to mention the Activist and Crestvale models available in both men's and women's styles and in multiple sizes. The North Face hiking boots are your best bet for every adventure!