Our selection of Hydration Bags for hiking

Discover our offer of quality hydration packs to accompany you during your hiking sessions. Choose from a wide selection of Camelbak backpacks and hydration waistcoats at the best prices on Trek-Expert.

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A wide selection of hiking hydration packs

Good hydration is essential for a sport like hiking, which requires endurance. No matter how hard you work during your outings, you'll need to drink a certain amount of water to keep you hydrated during and after your sessions.

To gain comfort during your outdoor adventures, ultra-practical accessories such as the hydration bag are now a must. With a hydration pack, there's no need to stop in the middle of a walk to get out a water bottle or water bottle. Alternatively, hydration backpacks are designed to keep you hydrated while enjoying optimal mobility. They have a water bag and a hose so you can drink at any time while keeping your pace.

Hydration bags come in a variety of forms to suit the needs of sportsmen and women. While minimalist designs are designed to hold only the water reservoirs, others offer storage space as well as pockets to hold various items. Of course, all these hydration bags are available in our online shop so that you can choose the equipment that suits you best according to the distance to be covered, the duration and the intensity of your outings.

In order to offer you the best in water bags, we have a selection of high quality models designed by the world leader in hydration, Camelbak. As well as being comfortable, the hydration backpacks from the leading brand Camelbak are particularly well known for their practicality, lightness and robustness. Most of its models are used by top athletes in famous competitions such as the Tour de Mont Blanc ultra trail. Looking for a compact 1.5L hydration pack? Need a model with a large volume of more than 10 L? We have everything you need. Whether you want to go for a short walk or a long hike, you'll find what you're looking for in our wide selection of hydration packs.

Camelbak, the pioneering hydration brand

Founded in the 1990s, Camelbak is a brand that specialises in multi-activity hydration bags. The first models of these backpacks with water pouches and connected tubes were designed for easy hydration while cycling. Today, the brand offers a wide range of products for trail running, hiking, but also models designed to meet the requirements of the military. The name of the brand, Camel meaning camel and Bak meaning back, refers to the camel's humps, known for storing water.

On our trek expert online shop, we offer you a wide range of Camelbak hydration bags at low prices to equip you with products of recognised reliability that perfectly meet your expectations and requirements. Here you'll find compact hydration packs for those looking for an ultra-lightweight model, as well as versatile bags with practical storage space, so you can easily carry your essentials.

How do you choose your hydration pack?

A hydration pack will allow you to hydrate in a practical way with a large autonomy. Choose a bag with a reservoir that can hold at least 1.5 litres of water, ideal for hikes lasting a few hours. Depending on your needs, you should also consider a bag that has storage space in addition to the water pocket for clothes or other items. If you want to carry a water bottle, models with a side mesh pocket or expandable overflow pocket are a good choice. In terms of volume, you can choose a capacity of 2 L for short trips and 10 L for long expeditions. For comfort, choose backpacks with adjustable straps for optimal fit, and possibly breathable mesh shoulder straps. The most robust models, such as those from Camelbak, are made of 3D polyurethane mesh: perfect for regular use. These water bags also incorporate technologies such as Center Back protection for optimal shock absorption. For added convenience, we recommend that you choose models with a spacious compartment and zipped pockets to keep your gear organised.