Our selection of bobs and hats

To enjoy your outdoor activities in the best conditions, choose your hiking accessory from our wide range of bobsleighs and hats. Equip yourself at unbeatable prices with top branded products on Trek-Expert in: The North Face, Columbia, Buffalo

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Our selection of great touring hats from brands and Bobs

 Hiking is an outdoor activity that can be practiced at any time of the year, both winter and summer. During your adventures in nature, your body is exposed to all sorts of elements such as sun, wind or Rain. In order to protect yourself well, especially the extremities, it is always advisable to have complete and suitable equipment. Therefore, it is important to add elements such as theto your outfit bob or the hat. Hiking to enjoy plenty of comfort on your excursions This type of accessory provides eye, sun and rain protection.            

In order to optimize your hiking or trekking excursions and optimal protection against bad weather, Trek-Expert offers you the best price a large selection of women's bobsleighs and hats, men's and in various styles,. Reversible,behind just with edges that fall the neck with, with chin straps, flexible material ... Depending on your preferences, you can find the bucket hat or hat that best suits your needs by browsing through our fine selection. In order to offer you the best in the field, our team has selected for you winter hats that brilliantly combine comfort, style and functionality. Very good workmanship, the accessories that we provide are designed by big brands such as. Buff, Columbia or Rock Experience Most of these hats for outdoor sports are made of materials that anti-UV offer reliable protection against harmful rays. In terms of design, our models of children's hats and bobsleighs are available in several colors to meet all your needs: red, yellow, blue, multi-colored, patterned ... browse our selection to find the ideal companion with the You can hike safely And in style, in the heat or in bad weather. 

Bob and hat: what are the differences?

When it comes to accessories, hikers can opt for different types of hats branded to protect themselves. Therefore, the hat and bob are among the most popular models, mainly because of their practicality. If the hat offers more protection thanks to its wide brim, the bob has the advantage that it is more compact and easier to wear. In addition, the taking up bucket hat can be easily stowed in the backpack without too much space. In addition, many brands such as Columbia now offer hat models that quickly get back into shape out of the hiking bag. Another advantage of the bob Hiking hat is its reduced weight that a hat, more comfortable makes lighter with a feeling of freedom. For optimal grip, opt for bobsleigh or with hat drawstring hat hiking hats.

The criteria for choosing the right hiking hat or the right bobsleigh

Here are the important parameters that need to be observed in order to make the right choice of hiking hat and thus benefit from perfectly coordinated accessories.

Protection and comfort

The winter hat idea must meet important criteria such as protection and comfort in order to enjoy a pleasant and pleasant session. Choose a model made from a material treated with UV protection that will protect you from the sun's rays on your hikes in summer. The best winter hats are made with UPF> 50 fabric and offer UV protection 98%, like the Buff Bonding Bob Hat. Waterproof,these hats will protect you from fine rain during your mountain adventures. 

Breathability Feel

To enjoy a better, it is important to choose a hat made of breathable material that wicks away sweat. Opt for a model made from a technical material like polyester that dries quickly and helps you stay dry during the exertion. Some hats have ventilation in the upper area for better air circulation.


Durability is also an essential parameter to consider when choosing your hiking hat or bob. Consider opting for nylon hats that are more durable. In our online shop you will find a large selection of children's hats and bobsleighs that combine strength and functionality. Discover the flagship models of the biggest brands like the Columbia Bora Bora Hut, the Rock Experience Bob or the Bob Buff Bucket Kumkar.