Our selection of hiking beanies

Are you a winter hiker? We have a wide selection of fleece, wool and synthetic hats to keep you warm. If you are looking for complete protection of your face, check out our balaclavas. For a sporty hike in cool or wintry weather, choose a headband to keep your ears warm.

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What kind of hiking beanie should you wear for all your hikes?

A hat is a must for any hiker, especially in cold weather, as it provides optimum protection for the head. First of all, it is important to note that most heat loss occurs at the head. It is therefore more than necessary to cover it well for comfortable practices. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right ones. If you tend to go out during cold and dry periods, opt for a thick cap that can cover the ears. It should be very light so as not to weigh you down or cause discomfort, and most importantly, it should be soft, breathable and have excellent thermal insulation to ensure maximum comfort and protection against the cold and wind. In rainy seasons, look for waterproof fabrics to prevent moisture from seeping in. They are less light but still comfortable and easy to wear. We advise you to buy several of them so that you can plan for all eventualities in the field. And finally, it is imperative that your hiking caps are made from stretchy fabric to ensure a good fit in all circumstances.

Trek-Expert is a specialist in the sale of outdoor clothing and equipment and offers a wide selection of inexpensive hiking beanie for men, women and children.

Fleece, wool or synthetic hiking beanie for cool and dry weather

Take advantage of the know-how of the leading outdoor textile manufacturers such as The North Face, Asics, Gore and Buff at the best prices! We would like to draw your attention to a versatile beanie: The North Face Dock Worker Recycled. Made from recycled materials, this extremely soft-touch beanie has a stylish silhouette that will blend in with any style. Comfortable and warm, it has great stretch for a perfect fit on the head. It's also very light and compressible, so it's easy to carry around in the corner of your bag or in your pocket. Its simple and casual design makes this hat the perfect accessory to complete your winter look, whatever the occasion.

You can also choose thinner models for more lightness. A piece like the Buff anira graphite beanie would be perfect. Made from recycled polyester microfibre, lined with fleece, it has excellent moisture wicking properties to keep you comfortable and UPF protected throughout all cool weather activities.

There are other knit and stretch styles to choose from, with stylish designs for adults and Disney for the little ones. You can find them today on our page with promotional prices.

Fleece, wool or synthetic hiking beanie for cold and wet weather

Designed for more temperamental climates, these models are designed to offer maximum protection against the elements. Made from technical materials with wind and waterproof treatment, these very flexible men's, women's and children's hats have an ergonomic design to ensure a perfect fit. We offer you the Gore M Thermo Windstopper cap, perfectly adapted to mountain hikers. Windproof and water-repellent, it is made from highly flexible GORE® WINDSTOPPER® materials with elasticated edges for extra support. With good thermal insulation and excellent breathability, it keeps your head warm and dry even in the coldest weather, heavy rain and strong winds. It has slits in the ears to make it easier to wear glasses, and it incorporates reflective details for better visibility during night rides. These qualities make this beanie the perfect accessory for high-speed winter sports enthusiasts such as skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Its cut allows it to be worn under a helmet for optimal protection.

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We are having a big clearance sale on most of our items, so we are offering you the best in hiking hats at low prices. Asics, Buff, Gore and The North Face use the best textiles, not only to guarantee excellent resistance and maximum durability, but also to ensure perfect head protection and real wearing comfort. In addition to providing top quality products at the best prices, Trek-Expert offers you a fast processing and delivery service.