The selection of cardio and GPS watches

Do you practice hiking, running, or trekking? Boost your performance during your outdoor activities with our wide range of cardio and gps watches. Enjoy a large selection of hiking watches Garmin Equip and yourself to the best price on Trek-Expert

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Our selection of cardio and GPS watches for hiking

Thanks to technological advances, watches are no longer reduced to their basic function: displaying the time. Today, many brands offer smart watches capable of orienting us and providing essential data related to sports practices such as hiking, trekking or even running. These high-tech products are essential accessories for both beginners and more experienced hikers: activity control, geolocation, creation of routes ... With its many advantages, the hiking watch is the equipment of choice for optimize your comfort easily and follow your performance during your adventures in nature.

Looking for a watchcardio or GPS top quality at the best price to accompany you during your activities? outdoor On trek-expert, we have taken care to select the most successful models, developed by major brands such as Garmin, to allow you to benefit from equipment at the cutting edge of innovation. Find a large selection of on our online store watches Garmin very good,perfectly suited for hiking. Easy to carry, these models connected watch will follow you anywhere without getting in the way thanks to their ergonomic design. Thanks to their different functionalities, you will be able to benefit from precise monitoring of your activity and your state of health: step counter, speed, distance covered, heart rate... These Equipment high-tech will seduce you as much by their solid materials as their great autonomy. In terms of design, thewatches Handheld GPS signed Garmin come in a variety of colors (black, white, blue, yellow, camo ...) to adapt to each style. For budding little hikers, the brand also offers its collection of Garmin Vivofit children's watches in various themes: Captain America, Star Wars, Minnie Mouse. Come shop your equipment on trek-expert, and take advantage of a fine selection of hiking watches with good value money for to save on your budget.


The advantages of a GPS hiking watch

For physical activities such as hiking, more and more practitioners prefer to equip themselves with a cardio / GPS watch during their session. More than just gadgets, these devices allow you to access key information inherent to your activity, but also data related to your practice area. This type of watch indeed embeds various functions and offers multiple possibilities allowing to optimize the practice of many sports such as: hiking, trekking, running, trail ... Combining practicality and functionality, a connected watch can be connected easily with your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth technology. This device allows you to analyze your statistics and help you progress quickly to achieve your goals. Thanks to their neat design, the GPS watch is an accessory that can be worn both daily and during your outings in the natural environment.


The specifications of a watch hiking

Connected sports watches designed for outdoor activities provide practical functionality and provide accurate measurements related to your performance. Discover the different characteristics of a hiking watch to choose the model best suited to your needs.


Watch cardio GPS are equipped with features such as heart rate, measuring the speed and the distance traveled during your walking sessions. Some models such as the Garmin watch from the Vivoactive range offer advanced functions such as the barometric altimeter, in addition to GPS navigation. These watches will allow you to find your way around better thanks to their geolocation system.


The sturdiness of a hiking watch is determined by its design materials. To enjoy reliable and durable equipment during your adventures in the forest or in the mountains, opt for a GPS watch made of material sturdy such as metal or polymer. Also remember to equip myself with a model equipped with an anti-scratch glass. 


Having a connected watch offering great autonomy will allow you to easily enjoy your long-distance hiking or trekking sessions lasting several days. This is because a hiking watch uses a lot of energy for features like GPS. Garmin Fenix ​​watches make it possible to take advantage of solar energy for extraordinary autonomy.


The hiking watches designed by Garmin feature a design that combines strength and elegance. The brand also offers spare bracelets to exchange them when they get damaged or simply to change your style.